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Elia Elikos Architects & Engineers Ltd was founded in 1985 by the Architect Mr Elia Elikos who continues to own and manage the practice since it was founded.

Mr Elia Elikos is a member of ETEK. The professional body representing technical excellence in Cyprus.

The practice has extensive experience in all fields of Architectural Design, including individual residential dwellings, high rise multi storey buildings, offices and residential mixed use developments, manufacturing and commercial units, clinics, old people homes, tourist complexes, gymnasiums, nurseries, schools etc.

In addition, the practise has varied experience in landscape architecture, outdoor designs and themes, and public space designs including parking facilities.

In Cyprus the practice prides itself in working with individuals as well as with the largest developers on the island who demand the best architecture, the most cost effective designs, speed and efficiency.

The practice employs experienced architects, civil engineers and designers who are involved with the execution and delivery of each project.

Internationally, the practice has worked with foreign investors in the development of hotels and tourist complexes in the countries of Brazil, Greece, Bulgaria and residential houses in Kuwait.

The basic rules of our working code and vision for the practice is successful delivery of each project, respect for the environment, energy efficiency using energy saving technology, and a service that is quick and efficient and second to none,

The success of the practice is founded in the close working relationships developed with all of our clients. In this manner we have put in place and succeeded in the perfect harmony with all of our clients that encompass their aspirations in physiological, aesthetical, functionality, and architectural design with the successful on time delivery all within a financially economic budget

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